Phase 1:

  1. Request for documentation*
    • Identity information of the applicant: DNI or NIF
    • Statement with details of sources of investment financing
    • Project signed by a competent professional or valued and detailed report of the actions for which the aid is requested
    • In case it is a company in operation: copy of the communication, authorization or definitive environmental license
    • Documents accrediting expenditure; Proforma invoices or budgets
    • Accreditation of the representation by any valid means in law that leave evidence.
      • Copy of the document proving legal personality (deed of incorporation, statutes, subsequent amendments, if applicable)
      • Updated certificate of registration in the corresponding administrative register
      • Certificate of agreement of the competent body according to the statutes of the entity to request the aid and accept the corresponding commitments.
    • Viability plan
    • Urban Compatibility
  2. Evaluation of projects
  3. Approval

Phase 2:

Supplementary documentation (only approved)