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The CLIMA program is an initiative promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment in order to reduce CO2 emissions from Spain and comply with international agreements on climate change.

Emissions verified in diffuse sectors that are not subject to the European Emissions Trading Scheme are encouraged. The combustion of biomass for heating is one of these sectors and the BM-CAT allows to verify the emissions of the boilers installed in Catalonia.

With the verification this verification can be economically compensated and the quantity received will depend on the power of the biomass boiler and the hours of operation.



The main objective of the BM-CAT project is to contribute to the change of an energy model based on fossil fuels by another one based on the biomass, source of renewable, local and clean energy.



There are two requirements for requesting BM-CAT compensation:

  1. Have the certificate of installation of the boiler.
  2. The installation certificate must include a date within the terms of each call. In the case of the 2018 call, the deadlines are from April 1, 2017 until December 31, 2019.

There are no other constraints to adhere to, but priority will be given to boilers with more than 100 kW of power. The ownership of boilers can be both public and private.



If your boiler meets the requirements, you must fill out a form (link below) with the data of your biomass boiler. From then on, we will contact you to inform you of everything we need to do the management.

Once the application is approved by the Ministry, a contract or annual agreement will be signed to make the collection of the emissions effective and formalize the rights and duties of both the beneficiaries and the Leader Association Ripollès Ges Bisaura. During this time and until the emissions are collected, the biomass consumption bills must be kept (or the calorie count recorded).

To fill the form acess the link below:

Clima Form BM-CAT

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The annual benefit obtained by the verification and purchase of the reduced emissions varies according to the power and the operating time. These will be compensated year by year in a maximum of 4 consecutive annuities.

For each tonne of reduced and verified CO2, € 9.7 is paid less a percentage of 8-15% for management costs. Some examples of verified emission reduction compensation are:



Once the application is selected and approved, the obligations of the beneficiaries are:

  • Control emissions through a calorie counter or by storing the fuel bills consumed.
  • Receive the visit of the verification company in case of being one of the chosen boilers.



For more information, contact the project technicians of the Leader Ripollès Ges Bisaura Association.

Phones: 611 405 279