What is EneGest?

EneGest is a free energy billing management tool for businesses and individuals. With its use it is intended:

  • Facilitate the optimization of energy billing
  • Improve the energy self-knowledge of companies and individuals
  • Encourage the application of energy saving and efficiency measures according to the needs of each user
  • Encourage companies to calculate their own carbon footprint

What is not EneGest?

EneGest is not an energy audit.

Neither does it want to expand by requesting or offering information that may distort the self-diagnosis basis with which it was created.

Nor is it intended to replace the tools and software currently on the market.

Where is it born from?

EneGest was born from a cooperation project of the Mediterranean Pyrenean Euroregion called Energ.Tur in 2011. This project created the basis of what is now EneGest.

Between 2013 and 2015 we worked on its optimization, conversion to web format, and test on different types of company to verify the operation.

How to access?

EneGest can be accessed by clicking HERE.