• Individual or legal entities (micro, small and meduim-sized enterprises, cooperatives, associations or associations in public entities (<25%) that invest in (1) companies that process and comercialize agrifood products, and (2) non-agrifood companies.
  • Town councils, county councils, descentralized municipal entities, consortiums, associations and foundations in public entities (≥ 25%) that invest in (3) recovery of the cultural and natural heritage, (4) public infrastructures for climate change mitigation, and (5) recreational infrastructures that generate economic activity and employment.

That they make eligible investments in the Leader territorial area of ​​a minimum of 12,000.00 euros, excluding VAT, for private applicants, and a minimum of 40,000.00 euros, excluding VAT, in the case of public.

VERY IMPORTANT. That they are aware of their tax obligations, with Social Security and with the Generalitat of Catalonia.