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Energy, Forest and Climate Change (ENFOCC) is a cooperation project aimed at transfer the idea that a new energy and forestry culture is possible to local authorities, the different economic sectors and the population in general in order to to generate a significant impact in our rural territories.

This “non-productive” project presents added value to all local or regional initiatives related to the implementation of biomass and recovery of forest management. A transnational, interterritorial, supraregional framework of exchange, knowledge, coordination and awareness is a key issue, on the one hand, to give a global vision to the most specific experiences and, on the other hand, to optimize resources, provide information and give robustness to this process that is occurring spontaneously, in these territories.

Through the knowledge transfer around the concepts of energy, forestry and climate, it aims to contribute to sustainable forest management and improve the capacities to mitigate and adapt to climate change in the territories.



To catalyze and promote the sustainability of the development model of the Catalan rural territories, based on a strategy to promote energy saving and efficiency, to promote renewable energies based on endogenous sources, and to create and implement Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation, involving actors involved in the development of rural areas of Catalonia (local people, local entities, associations, forest owners and the business community) to achieve this objective.



In total, the 11 Local Action Groups (LAGs) of Catalonia have collaborated. 3 GAL from the rest of Spain and a French LAG have also collaborated.

During this first stage of the project (from April to October 2016) different initiatives and/or actions have been carried out throughout the territory where the following stand out:

  • Completion of 3 courses for installers of biomass boilers.
  • Implementation of 2 courses on software in municipal energy management.
  • Management of 47 municipalities and 4 county councils that make up a total of 1024 policies.
  • Energy Management through the EneGest software of more than 76 companies spread throughout the Catalan territory.
  • Energy management of 10 public schools.
  • Drafting of 2 technical guides through the biomass cluster and ELFOCAT:
  • Guide to emissions in biomass installations
  • Guide on other uses of wood
  • Adhere to the BM-RURAL 6 new boilers.
  • Verification of CO2 emissions not emitted from 13 boilers.
  • Presentation of a new CLIMA project for the entire Catalan territory.
  • Execution of 3 feasibility studies Silvopastoral of different farms of the territory of the coordinating group.
  • Implementation of a methodology to calculate the carbon footprint at events and events organized by LAGs.
  • The carbon footprint of the different venues in the groups has been calculated.

In the last installment of the annuity (from November to December 2016) it is expected that they will finish executing other actions planned in the last project:

  • Conference on other forest values ​​dedicated to mushrooms and truffle.
  • Day on the forests of Health.
  • Conference on technical fire as a new prevention tool.
  • Annual visit to renewable energy facilities at the Biogas plant in Torregrossa.
  • Encounter between experiences of Silvopastura with a technical visit to the project Visit LIFE + Montserrat.
  • Transfer of experiences in public biomass facilities, in which the network of heat of the industrial estate of Berga will be visited.
  • Course aimed at forestry engineers and interested technicians on the transfer of the LIDAR methodology.
  • The creation of a Plan for Adaptation and Mitigation of Climate Change for the region of Ripollès.
  • Calculation of the carbon footprint with scopes 1, 2 and 3 of a total of 6 agri-food products from different rural territories.
  • Studies for the evaluation of Rural Smart Grid projects and their feasibility.

Coordination LAGs: Associació per la Gestió del Programa Leader Ripollès Ges Bisaura

Partner LAGs: 

  • Associació per al Desenvolupament Rural Integral de la zona Nord-Oriental de Catalunya – ADRINOC
  • Associació pel Desenvolupament Rural de la Catalunya Central
  • Associació per la Gestió del Programa Leader Ripollès Ges Bisaura
  • Consorci Leader Pirineu Occidental (anteriorment: Consorci Leader Priorat – Baix Camp i Consorci de Desenvolupament Alt Camp, Conca de Barberà i Anoia)
  • Consorci GAL Alt Urgell – Cerdanya
  • Associació Leader de Ponent (anteriorment: Consorci Leader Urgell – Pla d’Urgell i Consorci Garrigues per al Desenvolupament del Territori)
  • Consorci Grup d’Acció Local Noguera – Segrià Nord
  • Consorci GAL Alt Urgell – Cerdanya
  • Consorci Intercomarcal d’Iniciatives Socioeconòmiques Ribera d’Ebre – Terra Alta
  • Consorci per al Desenvolupament de la Catalunya Central
  • Consorci per al Desenvolupament del Baix Ebre i Montsià


Contacte: eif@ripollesgesbisaura.org